Basic information

Company name: Severočeská vodárenská společnost a. s.
Identification number: 49099469
VAT No.: CZ49099469
Seat: Teplice, Přítkovská 1689, PSČ 415 50
Company branch: Liberec 1, Pražská 36, PSČ 460 31
Legal form: Joint Stock Company
Date of establishment: 1st October, 1993
Registration: Regional court in Ústí nad Labem, Section B, File no. 466
Bank details: Komerční banka, Teplice branch
Account no.: 711620257/0100

The basic capital of Severočeská vodárenská společnost a.s. amounts to 7,605,482,000 CZK.
The basic capital of the company is divided into 7,605,482 registered shares with the nominal value 1,000 CZK of each.

All the shares are in documentary form and are not freely negotiable. The company shareholder can be a municipality (Act No.128/2000, section 1). Shares as well as the rights connected with them are transferable between municipalities which were shareholders of the company as of December 31, 2000 only with the prior consent of the Supervisory Board. Transfers to other municipalities require the prior consent of General Meeting.

7,605,482 shares are owned by towns and municipalities.

Company trade mark is registered with The Industrial Property Office under document No. 197754.

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