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Ing. Bronislav Špičák

Ing. Bronislav Špičák

Ing. Martin Matzek

Ing. Martin Matzek

Ing. Jan Zurek

Ing. Jan Zure

Ing. Radoslav Petík

Ing. Radoslav Petík

PhDr. Martina Berková

PhDr. Martina Berková

The General Meeting is the supreme body of the company. It decides primarily on property matters, changes in statutes, changes in registered capital, annual closure, transfers of assets, changes in the structure of the company, and election of the Board of Directors and a substantial part of the Supervisory Board. Voting at a general meeting is governed by the number of shares.

The supervisory and strategic body is a 12-member Supervisory Board. Leaders of cities are represented and the shareholders of each district nominate one representative. Two members of the Supervisory Board are proposed by the Board of Directors for the election by the General Meeting from the line of employees. The task of the Supervisory Board is to oversee the performance of the Board of Director´s responsibilities and the conduct of business activities. The term of membership in the Supervisory Board is four years.

The governing body of the company is the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has five members, including management experts and municipal representatives. The Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the company, the convening of the General Meeting, the concept of business activity, the implementation of resolutions and the decision of the General Meeting and the appointment of the CEO. The term of membership in the Board of Directors is four years.

The Chief Executive Officer is appointed by the Board of Directors and manages the company's executive machinery, corporate governance, property management, strategic planning, investment preparation and financing.


In organizational terms, the company is divided into four departments:

Development and Investment Department

In accordance with the company's mission and valid legislation, the development and renewal of water assets from basic concepts of company development, through individual stages of planning, to the preparation and implementation of concrete measures. The Development Division is primarily responsible for pre-investing and project preparation in the area of ​​strategic investments, property renewal and repairs of the SVS in harmony with the needs of the plans. The Planning Division ensures, in particular, the elaboration of individual stages (long-term, medium-term, annual) development and conceptual documents and plans of the company, their continuous evaluation and suggesting of changes. The Investment Execution Division mainly ensures the implementation of individual measures in the area of ​​investment and liquidation or repairs of SVS property and is responsible for the effective implementation of annual plans.

Property Management Department

Ensures the management of water property, supervises the operation, repair and maintenance of the SVS property. The department is, in terms of scope, divided into Operational and Asset Divisions.

Economic Department

Economic Department manages financial flows. The Accounting Division ensures the accountancy of the company. The Planning and Finance Section provides plans and reports for the OPs, SFIRs, and CFs. It also provides administration of drawn subsidies, credits and loans, keeps records of long-term property and provides property insurance.

CEO´s Office Department

Provides administrative and organizational support for the whole company, completes personnel agenda, education, health and safety at work, changes in the business register, PR agenda, company filing system, completes shareholder service, internal and external communication (except the media), corporate law and IT. The CEO´s office Department is, as far as it is concerned, divided into Administrative and IT Section, Legal Section and Communication and PR Section.

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