Visions and goals

On the basis of detailed analytical work and after discussion in the company's bodies and with its shareholders, missions and visions of the SVS were formulated as the basic theses defining the sense of existence and expectations of society. Mission and vision complements the description of the basic principles and core values of the SVS that define the objectives of the company expressed in the Business Plan for the years 2016 to 2020. This was approved by the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting in June, 2015.  In June, 2018, the actualization of business plan was authorized.

Company Mission

The mission of Severočeská vodárenská společnost as the owner of water property is to provide quality, reliable and affordable services in harmony with the requirements of the shareholders, consisting in the production and supply of drinking water and the drainage and treatment of waste water.

Company Vision

The SVS company wants to be a strong supra-regional corporation that manages water management in a responsible and efficient way, supports its economic expansion and provides high-quality, reliable and affordable services for the production and supply of drinking water and drainage and sewage treatment.

Severočeská vodárenská společnost accepts these basic values:


The company's goal is to build a stable team of employees on high professional level. Our company provides the necessary background and resources for the work and personal growth of its employees. Expertise and quality services are also required from our partners and suppliers.


The resources for our activities are to a large extent generated by water and sewer rates. These resources must be used efficiently and economically for the renewal and expansion of water property and for the provision of services related to the provision of drinking water production and supply, and the removal and treatment of waste water.


Our company manages the property through which strategic services are provided, consisting of the production and supply of drinking water and the drainage and treatment of waste water. For these property and services, we are responsible towards our shareholders - cities and municipalities. Our shareholders, as well as the public, must have the access to information about our activities, about the management of financial resources, and have the opportunity to express themselves. Also, we openly communicate with state authorities and other partners.


Securing water services is our ongoing commitment. This must correspond to other attributes of our company - shareholder structure, ownership relationships, decision-making mechanisms, economic situation of the company, staffing of our operations and stability in the management and operation of water management infrastructure.

Basic principles of SVS activities

Severočeská vodárenská společnost is guided by the following basic principles:

  • The application of a unified solidary price for water and sewer
  • Maintaining a socially acceptable price for water and sewer
  • The application of rational business methods in the company's management
  • Investing of profits into the renewal and expansion of the company's assets

Goals and strategies by 2020

On the basis of the approved mission and vision, while respecting the basic principles and basic values of the SVS company, and on the basis of an assessment of the external and internal environment, strategic goals for the new business plan period were proposed, including indicators and benchmarks to assess their performance. Basic values and basic principles are the starting point for setting "strategies", i.e. ways to meet individual strategic goals.

For the business plan of the company by 2020, the following strategic goals were set:

  1. Implementation of legislative conditions for drinking water and waste water
  2. Ensuring property recovery
  3. Optimal price development for water and sewage and resources to meet the needs
  4. Ensuring the quality care for infrastructure property and services in the field of drinking water supply and drainage and wastewater treatment
  5. Ensuring the operation of water infrastructure after 2020
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