The area of interest

The region of Severočeská vodárenská společnost a.s. (hereinafter as SVS) nearly entirely covers the northern part of the Czech Republic, i.e. the LIBEREC and ÚSTÍ REGION, where ONE MILLION ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY THOUSAND INHABITANTS live. 

This region has a common border with the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Poland. From the hydrological point of view, an essential part of the territory administered by SVS belongs to the Elbe River basin, and therefore to the North Sea drainage area. Only a small territory of this region in its north-eastern part belongs to the Nisa and Odra rivers basin, and therefore to the Baltic Sea drainage area. From the hydrographical point of view, the course of the River Elbe with the Ohře, Bílina, Jizera and Kamenice rivers as its tributaries is extraordinary important on this territory. Only a small area in the North East is drained by the Lužická Nisa and Mandava rivers.


map of the area of interest

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